This web site has not been updated for quite a while. The railroad was torn down in early 2012 because of a move half way across the country.
We are rebuilding in a smaller space, but even so, it takes time. There will be more photos, a track plan, etc, as time and HTML
development skills permit.

The orignal Chicago NorthWestern and Pacific occupied a space 13' x 35'. The new one is only 15' x 19'
but still it will house a 2 rail O Scale passenger theme inspired by C&NW operations in Wisconsin.

The photo below is the old layout just prior to dissassembly. There is a video of it on YouTube at
You will have to cut and paste. I cannot get the link to work.
And if THAT doesn't work just go to and search for "Westbound From Pacific Junction".
(If I had another hobby besides model railroading, it would not be web development).

Good luck and thanks for stopping by.